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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 29924] Printing doesnt work properly by several specific page format
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2011 08:10:09 GMT

--- Comment #54 from David Lehrian <> 2011-11-14 08:10:09 UTC ---
I hacked and hacked and finally have a usable work around for center feed
printers.  I want to post it here since this is where I ended up when I
searched for a solution.  Hopefully it will save someone else hours of
frustration and a stack of envelopes and paper.  It seems that any time I
changed the page size I ended up with unpredictable results using center feed
e.g. addressee and sender jumping around on the page and not going where I
would expect them to go based on my calculations.  So I simply used letter
sized paper and figured out the correct positioning for the addressee and
sender.  Go to Insert-> Envelope as normal.  Enter the sender and addressee as
normal.  On the Format tab make the Addressee Position 5.5" from left and 4.0"
from top.  Make the Sender Position 1.65" from left and 2.25" from top.  For
Size Format choose Letter.  It will make the Width 11" and Height 8.5".  On the
Printer tab choose the center feed (2nd from the right) and for my printer (HP
1600) I have to choose "Print from bottom".  Put the envelope in the manual
feed and print.  Looks good no?  Writer seems to remember these values too so
you won't have to write them down or look them up in the bug report (but I
would recommend saving them in a template or example doc just in case).

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