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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 118588] Cannot create new data tables in existing database
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 18:10:27 GMT

--- Comment #6 from r4zoli <> 2011-11-10 18:10:27 UTC ---
> Sorry, I'm talking about 'create in design view' as a wizard. I can 'create' a
> table in design view and also using the Tables wizard. I can set up the fields
> and format them, and select a key. It's when I go to save the tables that the
> 1st error message above come up. 
The table creation happens when you save it to the file, others are preparation
to  table creation.

> A table with the name I've tried to save it as
> appears in the tables listing but won't open: I get the other set of error
> messages given above. I've been creating new tables in this database for about
> 5 years, it's only now I'm hitting trouble.
May be you reached the mdb file limit on database table number, which OOo can

Can you create Table with SQL? Tools>SQL... command window.
For example with this script (it is working for me), runs without error.
Copy, this script into command window, execute it, and refresh Tables with menu
View>Refresh tables:

CompanyName TEXT(40) NOT NULL,
ContactName TEXT(30),
ContactTitle TEXT(30),
Address TEXT(60),
City TEXT(15),
Region TEXT(15),
PostalCode TEXT(10),
Country TEXT(15),
Phone TEXT(24),
Fax TEXT(24)) 

> Is it worth starting a new database purely in .odb format rather than mess
> about any more with this one? after all, I can still use the existing tables
> without problem.

Not use standalone .odb file, it can lost your data, use real database
server(MySQL, Postgres or others) and connect to it.

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