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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3959] Outline View (aka MS Word)
Date Sun, 30 Oct 2011 00:39:33 GMT

Donald Murray <> changed:

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--- Comment #151 from Donald Murray <> 2011-10-30 00:39:33 UTC ---
I know this has been said and made into an actual bugfix before and the
resources were assigned. OO needs to have Outline mode like in WORD before it
will be useful for many people out there. I'm talking there are probably
several million people who's only tie to MS is WORD because of Outline mode. It
really is that big, yet this project has not implemented this effectively. No,
Navigator does not do outline mode. You need to be able to number the chapters
using the outline headers and to be able to expand and collapse the text in
each outline subsection and the ones below the one selected (like it's done in
WORD). No, it cannot be done in OO or Libre. There was one time where I was
persistent on this and it was assigned as a bugfix and someone looked at it.
Matched the issue up with one where it was argued that Navigator fixed it, and
therefor assumed the problem was fixed and closed the bug as solved, when, in
fact, it was not solved at all. This is an issue that needs to be embraced by
the team as a very important feature and tackled until working.....not writing
it off by finding an old bug statement that it was fixed when it wasn't even
close. I know, I'd be a very happy man if this feature were available. Many
users of Linux use VMWare with Windows and MSOffice in order to do their
Is there any chance that some talented member of the team would take on this as
"their" issue and be a hero to those of us who still have to use windows
because of the lack of WORD-like outline mode in Writer? 
Check out here to get some unbiased views.... 
...just scroll down.... 
Thank you Mr unknown hero out there....

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