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From tj>
Subject Re: [mwiki]SyntaxHighlight extension use wrong colours
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:25:39 GMT
On 11/2/2012 06:15, RGB ES wrote:
> 2012/11/2 J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
>> On 11/1/12 9:24 PM, RGB ES wrote:
>>> A volunteer on the ES wiki that is working on an introduction to macro
>>> programming, informed that the SyntaxHighlight extension is using the
>> wrong
>>> colours for StarBasic, Python and JavaScript.
>>> Is this something that needs to be informed directly to mediawiki or the
>>> colours used by the extension are a configuration option set on our side?
>> I don't know which extension we use but I assume it can be configured.
>> Somebody with karma has to check the extension on our wiki.
>> Maybe a little bit more info which colors are wrong, or an example. But
>> what means wrong here, colors are always a matter of taste ;-)
>> Juergen
> I think (I'm just reporting the problem ;) ) that in this case wrong means
> "different from the colours used by the AOO IDE". I'll ask more info to the
> original reporter.
> Regards
> Ricardo
Information about the syntax-highlighting extension can be found on the 
"Version" special page. A quick look at the links tells me we are quite 
far behind in versions (but we are also running old MW software), so 
complaints about problems with an old version are probably useless. I 
fear that it will take a PHP programmer to make any local changes, but I 
could be wrong.

Please note that the AOO IDE colors are entirely customizable through 
Tools > Options > Appearance.


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