Dear  All:
        It is necessary for all cloud office interoperability with each other. Do you think so ?
    What I want to do,is not to design a product for my own company. I just want to , between all cloud office websites, it can send documents quickly. Such as ,Google Docs can send documents to Microsoft Office 365 quickly,  and directly . But now , Google Docs can only send documents using email (SMTP) to Hotmail.    So i think HTTP(SPDY) is better than SMTP  for transfer online office documents  ?  So we  should suggest ,IBM Docs and Office 365 ,  use the same protocol.
   The second thing I want to do ,all online office interoperability .  your know , for native office, an Microsoft Office 2010 document  should be open and reedit by an user , it means native office interoperability.    Then for the cloud office, it also need interoperability.
   So let us do this thing together!As I know ,you all are great man and warmhearted!  ?Thanks !
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   Best Regards!

Zhun Guo
Shanghai Biaoma IT Co.