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From Joost Andrae <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] IDE, comment translation, debugging, documentation and other development issues
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2012 20:43:59 GMT
Hi Damjan,

> AOO is by far the biggest and most complex code I have ever hacked on,
> and I have many questions...

yes it is... :)

> What IDE do you guys use to develop AOO? Eclipse CDT runs out of
> memory indexing the code :-(.

I wouldn't try it this way...

Use dmake or maybe make (depends on the status of readiness regarding 
using make) to build it. On Windows you could use VisualStudio to debug 
it comfortly. On Linux you can use gdb and on Solaris you could use dbx 
to start a debugging session. Don't try to leave the's not 
worth it...

Some building instructions including a document describing building 
requirements can be found here:

> Many comments are in German. Are translations to English welcome or
> should we leave them as is?

German comments are present within code that hasn't been touched for a 
long time. Remember: OOo/StarOffice has been originally developed in 
Hamburg at StarDivision and most of the developers were German. But it's 
better to have German comments within the source code than having no 

> Debugging is such a pain. Why do binaries get stripped when the tar.gz
> is built even though debugging has been enabled (build debug=true
> dbglevel=2 --all)?

Hint: If you want to run dbx or gdb then start to include gdb within the 
command line of the soffice shell script to get the runtime environment 
of the soffice binary.

> The layout of the source code tree is incredibly complex, with eg.
> confusing duplication of CSV parsing between binfilter/ and sc/. Is
> there somewhere I should document the structure of various modules?
> seems like a
> good place to start but I would add a lot more detail.

Don't touch binfilter. It's somehow static and nowadays completely 

Do you know ?
Or this ?

> Searching with grep takes forever. I've tried indexing the source tree
> with Lucene, but it doesn't find everything. Is there a better tool?

eg. OpenGrok at but be 
aware that this instance is really old and I don't know a version that 
has been updated recently and if someone at Apache Infra started to 
build-up an equal environment so far...

Nice to read is also

Kind regards, Joost

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