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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Graduation timeline: A reminder for project members, press and list observers
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2012 13:52:18 GMT
I'd like to make sure that we're all on the same page with graduation
and how this process works.  The vote that is ongoing now is a vote by
the Incubation Project Management Committee (IPMC) on whether or not
to *recommend* graduation to the ASF Board.   So if this vote passes,
which looks likely, then we have this recommendation.  But we are not
graduated yet.  Only the ASF Board can create a Top Level Project.
And they don't meet until next Wednesday.

So please let's respect this distinction in our external
communications and avoid overstating the significance of the IPMC
recommendation vote.  This vote does not immediately cause us to
graduate.   The real news story, the one we will want to promote, will
be after next Wednesday's Board meeting.  So personally I will not be
sending out Tweets, etc., about the IPMC vote, since 140 characters is
not enough to make this important distinction.  I'll wait until after
the Board meeting.

Also, there are some administrative steps that we'll need to take care
of over the weekend, assuming the IPMC vote passes:

1) Sending a [VOTE][RESULTS] post to the IPMC list

2) Sending the proposed resolution to the board list per these

This probably needs to happen on Saturday, shortly after the 72-hour
PMC vote ends, if we are to get on the Board's agenda for Wednesday.
I'm assuming Andrea will take care of this, or delegate to someone
else if he is unavailable on Saturday.


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