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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Apache and ODF
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2012 12:44:57 GMT
On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 3:42 AM, Fan Zheng <> wrote:
> Hi, All:
> I am confused about the UX specifications of document representation
> requirement on mobile devices, that which is the most first important point
> should be, the different device condition adaptability of layout result? or
> the fidelity of the document originally recorded?

Generally both modes are supported.  And sometimes it varies based on
the format.

For example, PDF files are fixed-layout.  So they require you to "zoom
and pan" on smaller screens.  But larger screens, like Kindle DX or
iPad can show a full PDF page.

ePub and MOBI digital book files are designed to reflow according to
screen size and user's font size preferences.

But some content types, like magazines on the Kindle, can work both
ways.  The user can choose to have a full-page layout that mimics the
original printed magazine.  Or they can choose to have it reflow per
the screen and font size.

So ideally we would want to support both.


> For example. An ODT format text document with several pages sized as
> "Letter", which is physically defined as 279:216 (ratio as 1.29), and user
> want to render it in a Kindle Fire, which supplies a 1024:600 (ratio as
> 1.71) screen for presenting. If we do much more care about the adaptability
> of representation, lots data recorded inside the file will be changed,
> removed or even ignored. But, if we care about the fidelity much more, we
> have to record all the document data inside, and rendering it on the
> devices dutifully. In the case, all we could do for the UX, is to give some
> adjustable scale.  Such differences are meaning not only the pagination
> stuff, but also some solid data inside: thinking about a full
> page-width-size table for instance.
> Of cause, all the former document editor/viewer applications for desktop,
> will obey the "Keep Fidelity" as the very first rule. But what about the
> mobile device platforms?
> As such differences will actually lead the solution into the different
> direction, we maybe should make it clear before having a deeper discussion.
> Thanks.
> ZhengFan
> 2012/10/26 Andreas S├Ąger <>
>> Am 25.10.2012 21:14, Rob Weir wrote:
>> >
>> > If you search for it, you will find various solutions for converting
>> > ODF to EPub.  But I have not seen something that does the same for
>> > Kindle's MOBI format.
>> >
>> > -Rob
>> >
>> Thank you. I know about the converters. The problem is that all our
>> office documents are ODF documents. The Kindle device does not provide
>> any access to our documents until they have been converted by some other
>> device.

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