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From Donald Whytock <>
Subject Re: [ApacheCon] BoF session on AOO community
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 14:16:34 GMT
About Peter's point #2...I suppose this is getting kind of abstract,
but what is the payoff from expanding AOO's community?  Typically
marketing is performed to increase sales, which earns money; AOO has
no sales, so what should the intended benefit from marketing be?

How does Apache gain from a larger user base for AOO?  More users ->
more traffic -> more demand for resources -> more demand for people
that maintain infrastructure and the money to pay for said
infrastructure.  What is Apache's interest in promoting its offering
of AOO?

How does AOO gain from a larger user base?  More beta-testing, more
word-of-mouth exposure, more potential donors?  More representative
clout for acquiring resources from Apache?

I'm not saying -- I would never say -- that making AOO available to
the world is a bad or unnecessary thing.  Given monopolistic business
practices and commercialization of software available, it's important
for there to be freely available alternatives to such things as an
office productivity suite.  But if marketing is going to occur, it
would be good to know what said marketing is meant to accomplish,
other than promotion for promotion's sake.  Promotion for promotion's
sake is the organizational manifestation of a viral idea.

If there's to be a discussion on marketing, perhaps it should include
a manifesto that's more concrete and strategic than "Don't you think
this is great?  Let's throw money at it until you do."


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