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From Alexandro Colorado <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice SVG vector graphics
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2012 13:07:26 GMT
On 10/8/12, Armin Le Grand <> wrote:
> 	Hi Ian,
> On 07.10.2012 00:10, Ian Lynch wrote:
>> On 6 October 2012 22:23, Alexandro Colorado <> wrote:
>>> On 10/6/12, Dennis E. Hamilton <> wrote:
>>>> I think the OP is asking about printed forms, as on a bumper sticker.
>>>   Since
>>>> they are presumably enlarged, the provision of trademark information in
>>>> small but readable type at/around the margin would probably work.
>>> Well this would be confusing in itself, doesnt it already has a printed
>>> TM?
>> One thing that immediately springs to mind is that Inkscape is getting
>> used
>> for these drawings in preference to AOO Draw because it supports svg.  If
>> we are serious about a drawing component to AOO and to open standards we
>> must have a strategy to fully support svg. This has been an on-going
>> issue
>> since the start of OOo but it is getting more and more urgent as time
>> goes
>> on. Armin has done some great work, no doubt about it but we really need
>> to
>> take it further. I only wish I had the know how.
> It would be nice to fully support it, but don't forget that we need
> these things as OLE, MS-compatible CustomShapes and more stuff not
> supported by SVG, so there is no way to get a pure SVG editor from
> Draw/Impress.
> We already have the good import (which creates an imported graphic
> containing the SVG) and a medium-quality export. Currently to do more
> than transformaing the SVG you need to 'break' it to draw objects
> (convert to our internal ODF data).
> The easiest way to support this with more deph would be to go into a
> 'Svg'-mode when a SVG graphic is selected (comparable from the theory to
> go to a bitmap editor UI when selecting a bitmap graphic).
> Both would lead to writing new programs with new UI for these cases, a
> long lasting task to do, but possible. Woulöd also be nice for bitmap
> graphics, though. The quesion is if this would not already overburden
> our normal target users...
> A good and logic way forward would be to write a SVG2.0 export, that
> could be used for playing presentations without AOO at all. Any
> volunteers...?

I think this conversation really needs it's own thread. But I wanted
to add that it would be good to try dto draw something complex like
the orb on draw and then on inkscape to get a full grasp of Draw
limitations and advantages.

Draw way of doing things are much more structure, meaning that has
more dialogs to go through and less easy to use things like mouse.

One example is the use of text. Inkscape will dinamically grow or
reduce the fonts as the user resize the Text box. Draw will only c
hange the size of the text box.

Draw management of layers are much less intuitive than Inkscape,
trying to lock or hide a layer is a button, while on draw is a hidden

Inkscape has a great color management (it could even be better with a
always on text box of the hex). Draw is more strict with the palette
and you need to introduce the color to the palette first to use it.
Also much more limited palette.

Gradients and transparencies are much more intensive to work in draw,
althought the toolbar does provide some quick access to global
transparency, there is only to the object and not the color. (same
issue of the palette).

I know Inkscape and Draw are contextually different, so I will even go
into comparing Draw with Scribus. The way Scribus does gradients,
shapes, layers, bitmap adjustment seems a bit less process intensive
than Draw.

> Sincerely,
> 	Armin
>>>>   - Dennis
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>>>> Alexandro Colorado
>>>> Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2012 09:28
>>>> To:
>>>> Subject: Re: OpenOffice SVG vector graphics
>>>> On 10/6/12, Guy Waterval <> wrote:
>>>>> Hi Alexandro,
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> 2012/10/6 Alexandro Colorado <>
>>>>>> I upload the OpenOffice SVG logo on pure SVG, still needs some
>>>>>> cleanup
>>>>>> on the nodes, but this is a 100% SVG logo.
>>>>>> The attachment is on the cWiki:
>>>>>> &
>>>>> Many thanks for your work, it's appreciated.
>>>>> Please, could you tell me how to reuse properly your work or any free
>>>>> logo
>>>>> of this type ?.
>>>>> In a book there is no problem, a notice"Credits" can tell the author
>>>>> and
>>>>> license of the work.
>>>>> But in other cases of use, as a banner on a car or as poster, how to
>>>>> do
>>>>> to
>>>>> give credit of the reused work ? I see only the possibility to add a
>>> line
>>>>> with the corresponding informations.
>>>> SVG is an XML program and support Metadata, which is extra information
>>>> on the work.
>>>> Inkscape support such metadata including a series of documents.
>>>>> A+
>>>>> --
>>>>> gw
>>>> --
>>>> Alexandro Colorado
>>>> PPMC Apache OpenOffice
>>> --
>>> Alexandro Colorado
>>> PPMC Apache OpenOffice

Alexandro Colorado
PPMC Apache OpenOffice

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