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From Alexandro Colorado <>
Subject Re: Consultants Directory: Update and Help Needed
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2012 22:42:14 GMT
On 10/10/12, Rob Weir <> wrote:
> So here's where we are with the consultants listing:
> 1) XLST script, data file, strings for en and it are checked in under
> ooo-site/content/bizdev/consultants
> 2) Announcement to ooo-dev/ooo-users/forums/twitter/google+/facebook
> (but not ooo-announce since that is almost all end-users)
> 3) Blog post
> 4) I also went through the legacy consultant listings and reviewed the
> websites of the English-speaking entities.  Where one appeared to
> still be relevant I sent them an email and pointed them to the new
> listing instructions and invited them to submit a new listing.  This
> was a judgement call, but generally if the website was still up and I
> found an explicit mention of OpenOffice services then I considered it
> relevant.  But if it was just a generic IT services company with no
> mention of OpenOffice then I did not send an invite. Of course,
> nothing prevents them from submitting a listing, and if they do we
> review it like any other.
> 5) What we have so far is here:
> Note, there are more coming.  One was posted to the list today that I
> need to check in.  And there are a few more were I was emailed that
> they were interested and would submit a listing.
> So areas where I could use help:
> 1) Reviewing the non-English legacy consultants for relevant ones who
> should be invited.  German, French, Italian and Spanish volunteers are
> especially needed.  If you can help I can send you a spreadsheet of
> the websites and an English version of my invitation note.  Maybe 30
> or so per language.
> 2 (less urgent) At some point we might enable the automatic generation
> of the HTML from the XML + XSLT.  Since I don't speak Perl I'm going
> to need someone else to tackle this.

I added strings_es.xml for spanish. Isn't this possible to do this in
Python? I thought the server support it.

> Thanks!
> -Rob

Alexandro Colorado
PPMC Apache OpenOffice

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