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From Alexandro Colorado <>
Subject Re: Change of 'soffice' name
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 14:18:24 GMT
On 9/26/12, Ariel Constenla-Haile <> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 11:59:59AM -0400, Wolf Halton wrote:
>> I have not looked into it yet because I just
>> uninstalled LibreOffice before installing Apache OpenOffice. That
>> option is not scalable, and people get annoyed when softwares go to
>> war against one another, as would be the effect if OpenOffice just
>> removed LO when it was installed.   I will look into a more scalable
>> and friendly option.
> On Fedora, you can't install AOO because the URE package is obsoleted by
> libreoffice-ure. You have to uninstall libreoffice, install AOO, and
> blacklist libreoffice in the package manager configuration
> (exclude=libreoffice* in /etc/yum.cfg), otherwise every time you update
> the system, lo-ure will replace aoo-ure.

Is there a reason why this happens? I think this has to do with the
mime declaration, something similar that happens with the menu. The
registry of the mime declare are basically the same.

cat /usr/share/mime-info/libreoffice.keys

        description=LibreOffice Text Document
        [en]description=LibreOffice Text Document
        [ar]description=مستند LibreOffice نصي
        [as]description=LibreOffice %PRODUCTVERSION লিখনী দসতাবেজ

With writer being keyword of conflict.

or it can happened because the desktop integration tries to put a
simlink from /opt/ to /usr/bin/ but conflicts when finding a
/usr/bin/soffice (provided by libreoffice) previously.

The actual error I get from the installer is the following:
"Installation failed:
        file /usr/bin/soffice from install of
openoffice.org3.4-mandriva-menus-3.4-9593.noarch conflicts with file
from package libreoffice-common-3.5.5-0.1.i586

Installation failed:    file /usr/bin/soffice from install of
openoffice.org3.4-mandriva-menus-3.4-9593.noarch conflicts with file
from package libreoffice-common-3.5.5-0.1.i586"

If this script provided an openoffice simlink, I think the bug could
go away (not sure if that will prevent from finding conflict with the
mimie-keys file).

Spec files from mandriva-menu (line 311) provides such processes.

> The "good news" are that this isn't new at all, it also had to be done
> in times.
> I've been told that a similar problem happens on Debian, and on ubuntu,
> with the desktop-integration package.
> In conclusion, changing the shell scrip name won't solve deeper issues
> that make the package even impossible to install.
> Regards
> --
> Ariel Constenla-Haile
> La Plata, Argentina

Alexandro Colorado
PPMC Apache OpenOffice

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