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From Ian C <>
Subject Fonts
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 12:33:57 GMT
Hi All,

I have a couple of questions. I'll use separate posts for them.

When Writer cannot find the font named in the styles.xml, on the
system, it defaults. How is that managed?
Can someone point me to some documentaion or code that deals with that?

In a test I just did I had Writer open a document I think is from a
Windows system, it had paragraph font of Times New Roman.
It shows Times New Roman in the toolbar.
When I right click and select the character dialog it tells me the
font is not installed and the closest available will be used.
Which is kind of cool, but see below.

I then edited the Styles XML file to change the name of the font - to
one that does not exist.
Then my system shows Liberation Serif as the font used.
I assume that is some sort of default? Ah, I see in the Options
setting that is the font selected.

This time when I right click it simple tells me that the font is
Liberation Serif.

This doesn't seem consistent. Where did my edited font name go to?
I'm guessing processing the changed XML failed in some way. Is there a
log telling me this somewhere?

Should the user be told about the change of font more clearly? It
could cause reformatting issues.


Ian C

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