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From Damjan Jovanovic <>
Subject [DISCUSS] IDE, comment translation, debugging, documentation and other development issues
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2012 17:44:06 GMT

AOO is by far the biggest and most complex code I have ever hacked on,
and I have many questions...

What IDE do you guys use to develop AOO? Eclipse CDT runs out of
memory indexing the code :-(.

Many comments are in German. Are translations to English welcome or
should we leave them as is?

Debugging is such a pain. Why do binaries get stripped when the tar.gz
is built even though debugging has been enabled (build debug=true
dbglevel=2 --all)?

The layout of the source code tree is incredibly complex, with eg.
confusing duplication of CSV parsing between binfilter/ and sc/. Is
there somewhere I should document the structure of various modules? seems like a
good place to start but I would add a lot more detail.

Searching with grep takes forever. I've tried indexing the source tree
with Lucene, but it doesn't find everything. Is there a better tool?

Thank you

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