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From Fernando Cassia <>
Subject Why a mailing list is superior to any web-based "forum"
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2012 08:07:24 GMT
Here someone wrote it better than me, on the VLC mailing list

I would add:

-No captcha to solve anywhere to join a mailing list.
- No separate user-password to remember on a mailing list.
- You can read it anywhere you can get e-mail
- You don´t have to conciously go "fetch" or "look at" anything.
Email arrives "automagically" to your inbox.
- no waiting for forum web pages to load, no adverts, no footers, no
colors, no graphical sig files, no animated gifs to look
at, no delay to "log-in", messages just arrive to your mailbox
- Easy archival (just set a rule and archive your list email to a
given subfolder, or a given label if using GMail)
- Reply speed (many people´s work day involves reading and replying to
e-mail. A mailing list ensures messages with catch the interest of the
reader are clicked on and read immediately, or much faster then when
"visiting a web forum once a day".
- Sense of community: participating on a any mailing list for a period
of time helps breed a community feeling. Avtivity on web forums is
much more sparse... many people just join a forum to ask a question,
and when given an answer that suits them, they rarely return... they
do not "engage" as often as members of a mailing list.
- in part due to the above, it´s much easier to deal with
troublemakers, spammers and trolls etc on a mailing list (just ban his
email address) than on web forums.
-web based forums are more prone to spam than mailing lists (even with
the implementation of captcha for registration by many popular web
forums software)
-web forums are part of the involution of the Net... (imho)

Just my $0.02
During times of Universal Deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act
- George Orwell

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