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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [ApacheCon] BoF session on AOO community
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 13:27:04 GMT

> The ooo-marketing list is a great place to coordinate international
> campaigns.  And we have a German list for local events, yes?

Yes, we have a German list, but there can discuss only.

The practical work but needs a lot of different things. First people, but also material things
and not a case by case, but permanently.

The German community is working on this, but it is also necessary here to address such things.
I think.

> I think the consultants directory is the best option here. 

Unfortunately, no. 
It is necessary but not sufficient, because it takes more than just information.
AOO business users need confidence in the AOO and this is growing with major partners.

> I see
> companies looking for AOO support, but they are sometimes too small to
> interest IBM.  But they would be a good size for smaller companies.
> I'd love to be able to refer them to a local small company.

In this case, please explain to me why IBM calls publicly to a partner network.


Or is that not a valid question?

Sorry Rob, just the very real problem that I see is that IBM does not understand that small
companies can help to open up markets *for IBM*.
But because the small companies can, IBM should take care of it.

It would be good if IBM would consider the experiences of the past which consist of OOo, SUN
and Oracle.

Here on the mailing list, not the place to talk about these things, but I and other experts
know how to act would be to achieve a win-win-situation for IBM and small companies.
This is not a pure IT question but an business question. (Note: I have studied business administration.)

> Suggestion:
> 1) Take one of the general overview presentations from ApacheCon and
> clean it up.  Make it into the "standard' AOO overview presentation.
> Put it on the marketing wiki.  Get it translated into various
> languages.  Maintain it so it remains current.
> 2) Start a wiki page to lists events-of-interest.  List event, date,
> location, link to website, etc.  Project members who are local to that
> event can volunteer to present there.  Many are doable as a day trip.
> CeBit is in Hanover, 92 minutes from Hamburg on the ICE train, for
> example.
> 3) For critical events where there are no local project members we can
> check with other Apache members, from other projects, to see if they
> can help cover it.  In return, maybe we help promote related projects
> at events we are able to attend.
> 4) If any critical conference is still not covered, then we look at
> other options.

These things are true, but they are no real answer to the problems that I have tried to explain.

It's not a problem of people, time or money, it is first a question broadest possible cooperation
of all concerned. Not only for individual events, but rather strategically.


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