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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: Looking for guide to debug with MS Visual Studio Express
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 12:40:38 GMT

On 31.10.2012 12:35, Regina Henschel wrote:
> Hi all,
> I read that debugging with MS Visual Studio works well. Is there somewhere a
> guide for dummies how to do it?

The following steps should give you a start:
- Have your AOO build installed on the system.
- Build the module of interest with debug information
- Copy the resulting DLLs and PDB files of the module into the corresponding 
directory of the installation.
-- for "gbuild" modules like sw you find the DLLs and PDB files in 
-- for "dmake" modules like sd you find the DLLs and PDB files in 
- Start your installed AOO build
- Start MS Visual Studio
- Via Menu Debug - Attach to process you need to attach process soffice.bin to 
the debugger.
- Now, you can open a source file of your module of interest in order to debug 
the code of interest by inserting a breakpoint.
- You can also investigate a crash as the debugger will take over in case that a 
crash occurs in AOO.
- You have the possibility to stop the execution of AOO - Toolbar function Break 
All - and investigate the call stacks of the stopped threads of AOO. 
Continuation or single command stepping is also possible

Just play around with the different debugger tools.

Hope that give you a first start.

Best regards, Oliver.

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