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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Fonts
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2012 22:54:04 GMT
On 29/10/2012 Ian C wrote:
> When Writer cannot find the font named in the styles.xml, on the
> system, it defaults. How is that managed?
> Can someone point me to some documentaion or code that deals with that?

In the interface, this is managed by Tools - Options - - 
Fonts ; there is a rather complete help page you can access from there.

> I then edited the Styles XML file to change the name of the font - to
> one that does not exist.

Editing the XML files can be incomplete. For example, the font name 
appears in content.xml too. In general, OpenOffice saves the original 
font names and not the substituted ones. If you can reproduce problems 
with a real ODF document entirely processed with OpenOffice (i.e., 
something generated with OpenOffice on a system that has font X, edited 
with OpenOffice on a system that does not have font X and read back on 
the first system, finding that fonts have been replaced) then this 
should be reported as a bug, attaching all documents. But manual editing 
of XML files is too error-prone to be sure this is a bug.


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