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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE] Releasing new languages for 3.4.1
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:09:32 GMT
On 26/10/2012 jan iversen wrote:
> On 26 October 2012 19:43, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> - Releasing a new language is totally risk-free: a new language can't
>> break functionality in OpenOffice, while any feature could have bugs and
>> needs more qualified testing.
> I do not agree to that statement for two reasons
> - a bad translations will influence the reputation of AOO in that language
> zone.
> - Wrong translation of e.g. accelerators, might not break the product
> technically speaking, but for sure the end-user will experience it as
> non-functioning.

We can do worse as Marcus remembered (and actually we once managed to 
completely break styles in an Italian release candidate by translating 
"Header" and "Heading" with the same Italian word), but that was not my 
point. I meant that any damage a translation can do is self-contained: 
adding a translation will not pose any risk to the English (or other) 
version of OpenOffice (in other words: I can update the Danish language 
resources, rebuild and be sure that this does not introduce bugs in the 
English version).

As for testing translations, this goes without saying: for sure we want 
to distribute only languages that have been tested. We used to have 
acceptance tests that every N-L team would run on the localized build to 
give green light for its distribution. The release voting is now 
different, but I would still expect that we test every language at least 
at a very basic level.

>>> release cycle of quarterly releases (every 3 or 4 months)?
>> This could be a solution too. In this case we would have the problem of
>> choosing what to translate
> - I think it would be nice to give translators an early start possibility,
> giving them a choice of working late after freeze or taking parts now with
> the risk that new messages are added.

OK, from this and other comments it seems that the cleanest solution 
would be to establish a translation deadline (say, near the end of 
November, but this is purely hypothetical), incorporate all available 
translations and make a build available a few days later, give one week 
(or whatever appropriate) for feedback, then release a 3.4.2 with the 
standard process upon positive feedback. This would avoid "creative" 
solutions like publishing patched sources or working around the Apache 
release process. The 3.4.2 would of course be released from the AOO34 
branch, with the new language resources and maybe a few cherry-picked 


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