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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: svn update, simple question.
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 09:03:59 GMT
On 24.10.2012 18:54, jan iversen wrote:
> If I do a "svn update trunk" (I have all sources stored in directory
> trunk", do I then need to run configure again ???

In most cases you don't need to run configure again.

> my system seems to be spinning, after "svn update" I cannot run "build" in
> the single directories that all worked before "svn update".
> Simple question, hopefully simple answer :-)

The most simple answer is: do a clean build :-/

A less simple answer is in the rules of thumb below:

1. if the file was modified you need to run "autoconf", 
then "configure", and so on. Best in a new shell because they 
communicate with environment variables

2. if dependencies to external libraries were updated you need to run 
"bootstrap" again

3. if the interfaces of some modules changed then going into 
instsetoo_native and running "build --all" is recommended. There are 
issues with that though [1] that the buildbots suffer from in their 
"incremental builds" (as opposed to their "clean builds").

If there were not too many revisions since the last update then the 
chance that none of the points above apply is reasonable and not even 
the "build --all" is needed. It doesn't take too long though and is 
usually worth the time.

This all shows that building AOO is still quite challenging. Making it 
easier and less error-prone is a very worthwhile goal, even if in 
practice this goal often loses against "let's add a new feature", 
"freshen up the UI" or even "fix a bug".



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