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From imacat <>
Subject Re: Automatically Generated <extension>.update.xml
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:33:40 GMT
So, who is managing  Is it possible that we
can turn on the online update and try to solve this problem now?

On 2012/10/22 19:27, J├╝rgen Schmidt said:
> On 10/21/12 11:13 PM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> imacat wrote:
>>> I wonder if it
>>> is possible to generate the extension update information files
>>> <extension>.update.xml automatically on
>>>, instead of maintaining the update
>>> information files by the authors manually?
>> This requires a slightly complex answer since there are differences
>> between theory and practice.
>> In theory, when you upload an extension to,
>> you needn't provide an update XML file: the repository knows about the
>> mechanism and automatically generates it. Moreover, OpenOffice knows
>> where to ask for the update so, if you use the official repository to
>> host your extension, updates will magically work with no need of actions
>> from the developer (not even specify an update URL), aside possibly from
>> making sure that the version number always increases.
>> In practice, the process is broken. The point where it breaks is the
>> fact that does not provide the real update
>> information but it sends a hardcoded answer instead, saying that no
>> updates are available. This was done back in the Oracle times for some
>> reasons - probably traffic, but I have no clue here, maybe it was just
>> broken.
>> Fact is, what you ask for is already available in theory and I have seen
>> it working for a period before it was disabled in 2010. But it isn't
>> available in practice at the moment, and it hasn't been for years.
>> On the application side (the OpenOffice program) everything should still
>> be working, even though I've recently seen an issue where Ariel
>> explained we might have some regressions on the OpenOffice side too:
> mmh, I was not ware that this function was disabled in 2010 and I don't
> know the reason for it. But Roberto has explained it quite well and the
> idea behind it was exactly that for extensions hosted in our repo the
> update information is generated automatically and the extensions
> shouldn't add further update information in their description.xml.
> We should figure out if the mechanism still works and should enable it.
> Ariel reported indeed a problem with his updates but we have to check
> this in general because I at least was not able to reproduce all
> reported problems. But this is a separate issue and have to fixed
> independently.
> Juergen

Best regards,
imacat ^_*' <>

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