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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Automatically Generated <extension>.update.xml
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 11:27:20 GMT
On 10/21/12 11:13 PM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> imacat wrote:
>> I wonder if it
>> is possible to generate the extension update information files
>> <extension>.update.xml automatically on
>>, instead of maintaining the update
>> information files by the authors manually?
> This requires a slightly complex answer since there are differences
> between theory and practice.
> In theory, when you upload an extension to,
> you needn't provide an update XML file: the repository knows about the
> mechanism and automatically generates it. Moreover, OpenOffice knows
> where to ask for the update so, if you use the official repository to
> host your extension, updates will magically work with no need of actions
> from the developer (not even specify an update URL), aside possibly from
> making sure that the version number always increases.
> In practice, the process is broken. The point where it breaks is the
> fact that does not provide the real update
> information but it sends a hardcoded answer instead, saying that no
> updates are available. This was done back in the Oracle times for some
> reasons - probably traffic, but I have no clue here, maybe it was just
> broken.
> Fact is, what you ask for is already available in theory and I have seen
> it working for a period before it was disabled in 2010. But it isn't
> available in practice at the moment, and it hasn't been for years.
> On the application side (the OpenOffice program) everything should still
> be working, even though I've recently seen an issue where Ariel
> explained we might have some regressions on the OpenOffice side too:

mmh, I was not ware that this function was disabled in 2010 and I don't
know the reason for it. But Roberto has explained it quite well and the
idea behind it was exactly that for extensions hosted in our repo the
update information is generated automatically and the extensions
shouldn't add further update information in their description.xml.

We should figure out if the mechanism still works and should enable it.

Ariel reported indeed a problem with his updates but we have to check
this in general because I at least was not able to reproduce all
reported problems. But this is a separate issue and have to fixed


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