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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice Developer Room (devroom) at FOSDEM
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2012 21:06:33 GMT
On 16/10/2012 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> I've asked the organizers to inform us about their decisions. I expect
> to receive news in the next days; I'll keep you informed when I do.

I received the answer just a few minutes ago: organizers decided to give 
OpenOffice its own devroom, which will be available all day Saturday (2 
Feb 2013). Now we will have to organize a call for talks and so on, but 
this is not urgent. As agreed with the FOSDEM organizers, I'm reposting 
their answer in public, see below.



Dear Andrea,

Thank you for considering a merged devroom with LibreOffice. After some
internal discussion, we have come to the conclusion that perhaps the
best way to foster collaboration and cross-polination between AOO and LO
is not to force a merged devroom, but rather to give each projects its
own room on a different day. We hope both communities will use this
opportunity in the best way possible.

It is hence our pleasure to inform you that your request for a devroom
at FOSDEM 2013 has been accepted.

We offer you the following:
- a room on Saturday
- with video projector and best effort wifi
- in building AW (76 seats)

We must add that as in previous years, visitor interest will outnumber
room capacity for most devrooms. We can not offer you larger rooms --
instead we will provide you with signalization to indicate that the room
is full.

If you prefer to decline this offer, please inform us as soon as possible.

By accepting this offer, you accept to be responsible for this devroom.
This means to spread a call for papers in your community, compose a
schedule, and provide us with that information. It also includes on-site
responsibilities such as making sure the capacity limit is respected and
that the devroom is clean by the end of the day.

Next: call for talks
We invite you to send an open call for talks to relevant mailinglists.
Please include a copy to
We will collect all the calls on our website.

Regarding content and format, you are free to schedule your devroom as
you wish.
Do allow us to repeat the obvious: FOSDEM is a FOSS community event, by
and for the community, and the content and topics _must_ reflect that
(arguably, that is pretty obvious).

We offer you a mailman mailinglist, in case you
want to have a mailinglist 'on neutral grounds'. This can be especially
interesting for joint devrooms.
Contact us to take on this offer.

The hard deadline for sending us the full schedule is *2013-01-10*.

For your own call for talks, we advise mid-december as deadline, with
notifications to the speakers around christmas. (The sooner, the more
time they have to book travel/accomodation).

Lastly, we wish to clarify that there are no reimbursements of travel or
hotel costs for devroom organizers/speakers.

And, of course, if you have any questions, please do contact us at

Looking forward to your participation,
On behalf of the FOSDEM devroom team,

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