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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: discussion on new l10n workflow
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 20:33:30 GMT
On 17/10/2012 jan iversen wrote:
> Would it be an idea to have 1 UI file pr directory in main (that would be
> so easy to implement) and 1 Help file pr directory in helpContent2 ?

Yes, this might work. Sure the current 276 files are too many, while 
consolidating too much on the other hand is very inconvenient for 
sharing work. What we should preserve is that is someone is the, say, 
"Calc guy" in the, say, Polish team, then he can be given PO (or other 
format, this is irrelevant) files for the Calc UI and the Calc Help. 
This enables easy and safe division of work.

> also check the letter accellerators (Ca~ncel) I have a
> very strong suspicion that they are not always identical.

This is not important. Actually, if I recall correctly we even 
deprecated them at a point. We are not talking about keyboard shortcuts 
here (e.g., CTRL-S to open a file); we are talking about the, much less 
common, "accelerators", i.e., saving with ALT-F then S. OpenOffice will 
assign these accelerators automatically when they are not set using the 
"~" in the strings, and it makes sense to let OpenOffice assign them, 
since they are not listed in the documentation. Moreover, assigning them 
manually is very error-prone since it often results in conflicts, while 
automatic attribution doesn't.


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