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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Estimating contributors by looking at wiki accounts?
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 16:09:38 GMT
+1 all around.  This sounds like it would be more interesting on the 
ooo-marketing@ list, since it's more about telling the story of "who 
helps make AOO".  With a project with as many different kinds of end 
users as AOO has, accurate stats like these would be good, if you want 
to go generate them.  Plus, I like numbers. 8-)

The most useful thing about generating them would be showing exactly how 
they're generated, with code (if any), and being very clear - as you 
suggest - at what the specific numbers mean.  Openness in the way you 
generate the details is key to ensuring people know exactly what you're 

- Shane

P.S. Is there already a chart of auto-upgrade "downloads" anywhere? 
Just curious.

On 10/19/2012 11:38 AM, jan iversen wrote:
> I think your idea of filtering out account that actually contributed is a
> wise thing, especially because our product has many end-users that want to
> be informed but do not contribute.
> As a developer I do not care, but thinking of some of the ongoing
> discussions in other forums (like: nearly nobody contributes to AOO anymore
> because Apache rules makes it far to difficult and restrictive), makes it
> worth while to publish a figure on our web, especially a figure saying e.g.
> "during the last year we had xxx active contributors and xx active
> committers".
> jan.
> On 19 October 2012 17:28, Rob Weir <> wrote:
>> I recently saw another open source project claim that they had over
>> 3000 contributors.  They derived this estimate by looking at the
>> number of user accounts they had in their wiki.
>> That is quite clever, I thought.  Since we use the same wiki software,
>> I thought I'd check this metric for us.  Our wiki says we have over
>> 58,000 user accounts.
>> I know we're doing well, but would it really make sense to claim that
>> we have over 58,000 contributors?  I don't think so.
>> I suppose we could look only at accounts where the person has actually
>> contributed edits, or even recent edits. (MediaWiki is a well-known
>> target of registration spam).  Although the other project did not seem
>> to filter out inactive or unused accounts, I think the metrics are
>> meaningless unless we do that.
>> What do you think?  Or do we even care?
>> -Rob

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