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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Documentation for writing addins
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 13:13:02 GMT
Hi Christof,

On 10/19/12 3:00 PM, Christof Donat wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to write an addin for AOO writer. Thank google I found a fiew 
> examples for additional calc functions and a bit of interface documentations 
> so I was able to more or less guess how the code for my writer addin should 
> look like.

I am sure you have found the DevGuide and the samples in the wiki or the

Nevertheless I would recommend that you subscribe to the (in the future
and ask concrete questions there. It's probably easier to answer
concrete questions

I am assuming that you develop an extension with some UI integration
(menu, toolbar) that we call add-on. If yes you should maybe also try
the NetBeans plugin that provides a wizard for basic add-ons. But the
generated skeleton can be used to add more stuff later on manually.

Look at

and the sub chapter (nav bar on the right side) where you can get more
info about ProtocolHanlder and Add-Ons

> Where I completelly am lost is on the various XML FIles. Is there any document 
> describing the contents of an XCU file and a description.xml? The latter is not 
> that much of a problem, because I can at least get enough of it from some 
> examples I found. The XCU fules are the bug issue.

I hope this helps a bit


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