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From Peter Junge <>
Subject Re: OOoCon videos/material
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 00:13:52 GMT
On 10/19/2012 7:42 AM, Andrew Rist wrote:
> On 10/18/2012 4:31 PM, Peter Junge wrote:
>> I have all the video materials (including raw) of the OOoCon 2008 in
>> Beijing, unfortunately not the presentations because I naively thought
>> they were save having copies at Sun servers and OOoDev (
>> Deutschland e.V.). Furthermore, I have all presentations of the OOoCon
>> 2010 in Budapest.
>> I expect it would make sense to reach out for the following
>> persons/entities:
>> - Andrew Rist, I guess there should still be materials in the backups
>> of the old OOo servers. The complicated part might be finding and
>> extracting the materials.
> A quick look didn't turn anything up.  Who hosted the OOoCon servers?

- OOoCon 2009 (Orvieto/Italy) and OOoCon 2010 (Budapest) were hosted at To my knowledge that site was running on a VM at 
one of Sun's data centers. I recall there was an incompatible update of 
the site between both conference, so the materials might be distributed 
over different database dumps.

- OOoCon 2008 (Beijing) was AFAIR hosted at (or something similar) at 
servers of CollabNet, I assume. Except the videos that we hosted at 
OOoDev because of their size. Those videos I have.

- OOoCon 2007 (Barcelona) and I think also the previous events were also 
hosted at (or something 
similar). The videos of the OOoCon 2007 were shot and hosted by a video 
team (cannot remember the name) from Slovenia that also did the same job 
at OOoCon 2005 (Koper).

- I don't know much about OOoCon 2006 (Lyon), 2004 (Berlin) and 2003 
(Hamburg), but I think I have seen OOoCon presentation files in a 
check-out of the repository of while I 
was working on the OOo marketing project quite a while ago.


> A
>> - Florian of TDF/FrODev, he was one of the admins of the OOoDev
>> servers. There might also be some materials there. I'm at least
>> expecting that the videos of OOoCon 2010 exist in some backups.
>> - Team
>> I volunteer to contact Florian and Team OOo over the weekend, as to
>> Andrew I expect he might read this.
> ;-)
>> Peter
>> On 10/19/2012 2:20 AM, Alexandro Colorado wrote:
>>> Wonder what ever hapened to the OOoCon video library of the past
>>> conferences. I am interested in knowing if any of these material
>>> survived, same as for the presentations and programmes?

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