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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Apache OO General Questions
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2012 23:20:50 GMT
Hi Andrew,

Andrew Douglas Pitonyak schrieb:
> Couple of questions:
> (Q) it was stated to me at one time that integrating changes between AOO
> and LO would not be overly complicated (bad memory, but maybe it was Tom
> Davis referencing the fact that Symphony was kept in sync with OOo).

Such exchange is mainly a question of license. Currently form AOO to LO 
would be possible. But LO does not take changes, because (AFAIK) LO has 
not finished relicensing. From LO to AOO is currently only possible, of 
the author puts it under Apache License in addition.

> any changes integrated between AOO and LO (in either direction) at this
> time?

The patch about line caps (from Armin and me) is still waiting to be 
integrated into LO. Other parts, which I have integrated, are not coming 
from AOO or LO but from OOo time.

Technically both directions are possible. But some work is necessary 
because LO removed German comments, some variable names and types 
changed, some content moved to other files and the name of the debug 
macros were changed. I'm no professional developer, so there might exist 
some tricks to make applying a patch smoother than it was for me.

  I have been asked this question specifically (as it related to the
> code clean-up effort in LO), and I generally say "I don't know, but I
> don't think so".
> (Q) AOO lists use addresses such as and
> Assuming that AOO is taken from incubator
> status, will incubator be dropped from the list names and will current
> subscribers be ported to the new list?

I don't know. But the change will surely be announced loudly, so that 
you will not miss it :)

Kind regards

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