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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Re: Installation patches
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2012 07:40:34 GMT
On 11.10.2012 10:15, Herbert Dürr wrote:
> On 2012/10/10 5:03 PM, Andre Fischer wrote:
>> On 09.10.2012 17:39, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
>>> From: Andre Fischer
>>> ...
>>>>> As you can imagine generating packages takes a lot of time: it
>>>>> involves extracting and repackaging.: it would be nice to have a
>>>>> "raw" mode that just installs things and let our ports/packaging
>>>>> system take over.
>>>> I am not sure what you mean.
>>> I meant that would be nice to have a way to specify "make install"
>>> that just installs the files without
>>> going through intermediate installation sets.
>> That is already done in the background. Before any archive, installer or
>> packages are created AOO is setup in a temporary directory. The
>> following diff prevents the temporary directory from being deleted
>> before "make install: ends:
>> [...]
> AFAIK with using the configure option 
> --with-package-format="installed" this already works without having to 
> patch the packager module.

Interesting, I did not know this option existed.  And I am looking for 
days at the makefile in instsetoo_native that handles the PKGFORMAT 
environment variable that is set by the --with-package-format option.   
The "installed" value is not handled there.   So I searched for uses of 
PKGFORMAT in the Perl scripts in solenv/ that the actual work of 
creating installation packages. PKGFORMAT is evaluated there, too.
Ugh,  our build system is disgusting.

> But Pedro probably meant a make target named "install" that would copy 
> files from this directory into e.g. /opt/AOO-dev and maybe add a link 
> to its main binary into /usr/bin, right?

I was trying to highlight the fact that 99% of the work of "make 
install" are already there.  The remaining 1% of creating a "frontend" 
in the makefile would be simple work.  But, as you pointed out, there is 
even less work still to be done.


> Herbert

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