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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS]: next step towards graduation
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2012 15:51:24 GMT
Juergen -- see below

On 10/08/2012 04:45 AM, J├╝rgen Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> we made good progress towards graduation and I would like to discuss the
> next steps.
> - we have selected the initial PMC roster
> - we have selected a PMC chair (vote finished, result summary out
> standing but we have a clear vote for Andrea Pescetti)
> - graduation resolution already updated with PMC roster and preliminary
> with the PMC chair
> Next steps to reach potentially the October board meeting:
> - start IPMC vote, who will trigger this? Should it or have it be
> triggered by the new PMC chair?

This is what the excerpt from

"The Recommendation Vote

The resolution should be proposed on the general incubator list before a 
VOTE is started to allow feedback. Once a consensus has been reached, a 
VOTE should be started on the same general incubator list by a member of 
the PPMC proposing that the IPMC recommends the resolution to the Board."

my take on this is that anyone on the AOO PPMC can forward the existing 
resolution to general@incubator with some appropriate subject. You might 
want to send a link to this thread as well...

although I imagine mentors would be "officially" canvassed.

A few other loose ends perhaps...

on our incubator site page,

  in the "Verify distribution rights" section.
Have we verified these? (this goes to Dennis comments as well I think)

Finally, I don't know who has modification rights to this page, but 
there is no link to our June and Sept reports. It might be nice if 
someone did this.

> I hope we can start this IPMC vote on Tuesday or Wednesday latest.
> Anything else we need?
> Juergen


"Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never
  dealt with a cat."
                                -- Robert Heinlein

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