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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon EU 2012
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 07:41:25 GMT
Hi Gary,

and please help us and use also the application form to apply for the ticket 
discount. The application form for the ticket discount is:
> You need to apply for the discount by sending an email to the public mailing list <>
until 2012-10-12, 12:00 (Central European time, GMT+2).
> The subject of this email have to be "[ACEU 2012 - ticket discount] <YourName>".
> In the content of the email please fill the following fields:
> - full name
> - email address
> - affiliation to the OpenOffice community (something like: "user", "contributing X",
"translator", ...)
> - description why applying for the ticket discount and why support is needed
> - job or eduation status (something like: "student", "employee", "freeflancer", ...)

Best regards, Oliver.

On 04.10.2012 18:40, gary_domke wrote:
> Dear Olive,
>       My name is Gary E. Domke.  I've been an Open Office user since the
> inception of the community and program (incubator) and do truly love the
> concept, the product and the nature of the contributors.  I'm 66 years old,
> a "semi-retired" executive vice president of a stock brokerage and
> investment banking firm (somewhat dependent on my social security checks to
> put food on my table).  I'm slightly more technologically competent than
> most people my age, have built several computers starting with Heathkit and
> Commodore PET products back in the '70s.  I've written a couple of tiny and
> unsophisticated programs in Basic and C+ at various times that served my
> purpose.  I helped establish the original MIRC and was sysop for the
> #new2mirc training link visited by thousands of users as a first step to
> using Internet Relay Chat.    Even with that very limited (self - taught)
> level of knowledge, I'm frequently asked to assist clients, family and
> friends with computer issues, problems or to provide guidance about
> purchases of hardware or selection of appropriate software.
>      I think a forum like ApacheCon EU might benefit from input at my level
> of expertise.  I could well be the "proto-typical" end user of Open Office.
> I'm a gifted public speaker, friendly, outgoing and reasonably personable.
>      Following a couple of unfortunate personal events, I no longer have the
> resources to pay for travel outside of the range of a couple of tanks of
> gasoline.
>      I'd love to attend and believe I could make a contribution.  Lacking any
> personal financial resources of significance and without any corporate or
> TAC funding,  I'd need the full subsidy, discount and 600,000EUR to be able
> to make the trip.  It'd be great if I could stay for several nights.
>      Every product development process should have input from typical
> end-users.  I'm about as typical as you'll find anywhere on the planet.
>      Gary

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