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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Ask for advice:cloud office interoperability
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 14:34:33 GMT
On 10/4/12 4:06 PM, zhun guo wrote:
> Hi,all,Joost not knew our means. We means ,how to solve the problem,the
> difficult of ODF interoperate with OOXML ,which Ian Lynch had met. this is
> for native office software.
> *    The second , cloud office documents company also face the same
> question,  *Google Docs,Microsoft Office 365,Zoho,苹果icloud,Adobe
> ,ThinkFree <>,Cisco WebEx
> WebOffice<>
> ,IBM Docs  ,etc, use ODF,OOXML,PDF,HTML .  Then how to interoperate with
> each other?

by supporting one really open standard like ODF ;-) And work together on
improvements or enhancements where necessary. Online editors are tools
that work on docs in an cloud storage and desktop clients like AOO can
access these docs as well. The question is more how collaborative
editing on ODF can be managed in a way that online editors as well as
desktop clients can use it. It probably don't have to be a completely
new format.


> Zhun Guo
> 2012/10/2 Joost Andrae <>
>> Hi,
>> Am 02.10.2012 13:03, schrieb zhun guo:
>>> Hi,Zhengfan and Ian Lynch,
>>>      All format office documents' interoperability is important.
>>> 1. ODF and OOXML, is more concerned about data storage. Microsoft, and
>>> OpenOffice is the supporter。But we need ODF and OOXML to be  merged to a
>>> new one format. And some wroking are doing 。Otherwise, we should face the
>>> question,just like  Ian Lynch's problem.
>>> 2. HTML, is more concerned about data revealing。 Google Docs,IBM
>>> Docs,Microsoft Office 365,Zoho,Think Free,Adobe Acobat, Cisco WebEx ,all
>>> these cloud office documents select the same format.  Maybe it is a new
>> way
>>> for office documents interoperability. As Rob Weir ,OASIS OpenDocument TC
>>> chairman,says"
>>> I find the topic of web editor interoperability very interesting.  It
>>> is, in many ways, the continuation of the "office interop" battles we
>>> have fought for the last decade.  But the new technology brings new
>>> challenges and new opportunities, and perhaps even an opportunity to
>>> avoid repeating the mistakes of the past!
>>>    "
>>>     ODF? OOXML?PDF?HTML?...I think it is better to choose one format for
>>> documents interoperability,than choose two or three! It is important
>> ,just
>>> like ASCII which is the basic for  Information Interchange.
>>>     Do you agree?
>> ACSII compared to the characters within a GB18030 font ? This is just
>> one example why ASCII doesn't work here. UNICODE characters within a XML
>> based document format is much better for information exchange especially
>> if you use an application that has been globalized and localized to a
>> valuable number of languages. And as long as ODF and it's counterparts
>> are comparable to other document formats then why should there be a new
>> document format? ODF is ISO and OASIS approved, has been designed for
>> this purpose and it can be used by everyone. And parts of your ideas
>> have already been implemented as UOF in China.
>> Using ODFDOM ( as a basis for
>> such an application could serve very well as a container to proof
>> interoperability between applications by using ODF as it's container.
>> Kind regards, Joost

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