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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Policy question: How to link to books about OpenOffice?
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 14:04:47 GMT
<bcc: trademarks@ for awareness>

On 10/2/2012 11:42 AM, Rob Weir wrote:
> On our support website, at the bottom, we have a list of
> OpenOffice-related books:
> As you see, we have links to 3rd party pages for purchasing the books,
> usually Amazon or Lulu.
> I'm in the process of updating this page, as part of adding a list of
> consultants, and it occurred to me that we should probably think about
> how Shane's draft linking policy applies to books:

Good question: the above policy doesn't directly address the question of 
listing pages for books; i.e. actual publishers.  Even if many people 
simply get the free PDF, historical branding questions have tended to be 
much simpler relating to what we traditionally think of as publishers or 
authors rather than "Consultants" of any kind.

In particular, traditional publishers tend to be *far* better at 
respecting branding and licensing issues, both up front and if we ever 
have to ask them for changes.

AOO is the first project to have a large enough ecosystem that I should 
work with trademarks@ to update the policy.  Having AOO think through 
how you might present books would be helpful.

> One way to think of it is to treat the publisher or author (for
> self-published books) as the "consultant" in the terms of the policy.
> They are the ones providing the service, via their book.  So we would
> allow linking to the author's website or the publisher's website which
> describes the book.  But we would not link to Amazon, since they are a
> retailer, not the author or the publisher.

In principle I certainly like providing a link to the author or 
publisher's actual homepage for the book.  But I'd tend to allow 
projects to decide: in some cases, there may not be a book homepage, and 
in some cases, it might be worth simply pointing to one (or more) useful 
places to directly order the book.  So including an Amazon or B&N link 
is fine if you want to do that.  Note: it would not be a good idea to 
use one of the "affiliate" links, unless it's one controlled by the PMC 
(i.e. so the affiliate referrals aren't going to some third party).

> Otherwise, same criteria as consultants -- factual list, respect
> trademark, impartial,  rel="nofollow", etc.

Yup.  In AOO's case, I'd think this would be a separate page, since 
there's plenty of material to list, and users would tend to think of 
"find a book to read" differently than "hire a consultant to help". 
Also, book listings could be persistent (presuming the URL is still 
available, as Andrea notes.

> Does this make sense?
> -Rob
- Shane

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