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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: [Call For UI Review] About the attribute list level of paragraph style
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 14:25:28 GMT
Hi Oliver,

I shorten the mail a little bit
Oliver-Rainer Wittmann schrieb:
> Hi Regina,
> On 01.10.2012 14:18, Regina Henschel wrote:
>> Oh no, then I was not clear. I try again. It is not possible to set
>> a paragraph reference into the list style, the list style dialog
>> should not be changed but needs to be as it is currently in
>> AOO3.4. Reasoning: 1. Define two paragraph styles "English" and
>> "German". In both of them set the numbering to the same numbering
>> style "My list". You cannot solve this by referencing a paragraph
>> style inside of "My list". 2. You can produce a dead lock. In
>> paragraph style "A" set numbering to list "One". In list "One" set
>> paragraph of level 2 to paragraph style "B". In paragraph style "B"
>> set numbering to list "Two". In list "Two" set paragraph of lever 2
>> to paragraph style "A".
>> I know, there is the wish to automatically use a specific paragraph
>>  style for a specific list level. But that is not possible with a
>> reference inside the list style, see above. Instead such binding is
>> done in the "Condition" part of the paragraph style. The
>> "Condition" part of the paragraph style avoids the dead lock this
>> way: If inside of paragraph style "A" you set the paragraph style
>> "B" for the numbering level 2, then the paragraph style "B" is not
>> assigned to the paragraph, but only its formatting attributes are
>> used to actually style the paragraph. The assigned paragraph style
>> remains "A".
> Ok, now I understand your concern. From my point of view we need
> both: - In the Paragraph Style format dialog we need a list level
> field which more or less directly sets ODF attribute style:list-level
> of the corresponding paragraph.

Yes, that is my suggestion.

  - In the List Style format dialog we
> need the possibility to assign multiple paragraph styles to a certain
> list level of the list style.  Thus, we more or less need a
> multiple-selection field/control/sub dialog - a UI by which the user
> can assign more than one paragraph style to a certain list level of
> the list style.

I'm not sure what you mean. I see no way to assign a paragraph style to 
a list level style. Is there a suitable attribute in the file format for 
a list-level style?

  By such an action the paragraph style's ODF
> attributes style:list-style-name and style:list-level will be set.

You mean, you do not assign a paragraph style to a list level style but 
the other way round?

> This would mean that the user will get the possibility in the List
> Style format dialog to directly change attributes of one or more
> paragraph styles. But it would be very convenient for a user to have
>  this possibility.

It would need a very careful design to avoid the impression, that the 
paragraph style is bind to the list-level the same way the binding is 
done between paragraph style and heading level in the outline numbering 

Additional difficulties:
- The list of paragraph styles is very, very long.
- Multiselection has to be possible and the user has to be informed, 
that it is possible
- How to add a paragraph, if you want to do so after you have already 
close the dialog and reopen it then.
- How is the user notified, that he overwrites an entry, that is made on 
a different level.
- How does this effect a list item, that belongs to a list of that 
style, but has already assigned a different paragraph style?
- How are the already existing entries made visible as already set?

I still not convinced, that the list style dialog is the right place.

> It seems I misunderstood you here. I thought that you were proposing
> to introduce a list level field in the Paragraph format dialog in
> order to set the list level of a paragraph which is currently only
> possible via demote/promote actions.

I think indeed, that it is coupled. Or can you think of a concrete 
paragraph being for example at list level 2 because of nested text:list 
elements, but has a list-level attribute of 3 in his style? I know, that 
in CSS it is possible to style an element like a list item although it 
is not a list item. But I fear, that would give a large mess for AOO. 
Numbering is already difficult enough with 'outline numbering', 
'anonymous list style', 'named list style', and 'condition formatting'.

Kind regards

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