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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: [Call For UI Review] About the attribute list level of paragraph style
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 12:47:59 GMT
Hi Regina,

On 01.10.2012 14:18, Regina Henschel wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
> Oliver-Rainer Wittmann schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> On 30.09.2012 00:04, Regina Henschel wrote:
>>> Huaidong Qiu schrieb:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I need some advice from the UI expert about the list
>>>> level attribute of Numbering Enhancement feature.
>>>> I need a UI to link a numbering level of a list style to a paragraph
>>>> style.
>>>>   I want add a list box control into the "Options" tab page of the
>>>> "Numbering style" dialog.
>>>> The steps to open this tab page are:
>>>> 1. New a writer document.
>>>> 2. press F11 open the "Style and Formatting" dialog.
>>>> 3. choose the "list style" tab page
>>>> 4. open context menu by left click on the tab page, select "new..." menu
>>>> item
>>>> 5. select the "Options" tab page of the "Numbering style" dialog.
>>>> Here is a changed UI screen shot, I put this picture into the wiki
>>>> page for
>>>> this feature
>>>> here is the wiki page for the Numbering Enhancement feature
>>>> Thanks
>>> I have looked at your proposal. I think, that it does not work as
>>> intended in
>>> the ODF specification. In section 19.495 "style:list-level" there is "The
>>> style:list-level attribute specifies the list level value of a list
>>> style that
>>> may be applied to any paragraph style." When you put a paragraph style
>>> into the
>>> list style definition, then the part "may be applied to _any_
>>> paragraph style"
>>> is not possible.
>>> Currently it is possible to specify a "numbering style" in the tab
>>> "Outline &
>>> Numbering" of the paragraph style, but it is not yet possible to say,
>>> which
>>> level of the style definition is to be used. You need to set the
>>> numbering level
>>> explicitly for each single paragraph, which has assigned this
>>> paragraph style.
>>> With the list-level attribute one says, that the paragraph, to which this
>>> paragraph style is applied, should get the list-level, which is given
>>> in this
>>> paragraph style.
>>> So in my understanding, the paragraph style should get an additional
>>> field to
>>> select the list-level of the list style, which is chosen in the
>>> drop-down list
>>> "Numbering Style". The list style UI remains as it is.
>> This is a good idea.
>> Thus, the user would had the possibility to specify the paragraph
>> style's list level in the List Style format dialog and in the Paragraph
>> Style format dialog.
> Oh no, then I was not clear. I try again.
> It is not possible to set a paragraph reference into the list style, the list
> style dialog should not be changed but needs to be as it is currently in AOO3.4.
> Reasoning:
> 1. Define two paragraph styles "English" and "German". In both of them set the
> numbering to the same numbering style "My list". You cannot solve this by
> referencing a paragraph style inside of "My list".
> 2. You can produce a dead lock. In paragraph style "A" set numbering to list
> "One". In list "One" set paragraph of level 2 to paragraph style "B". In
> paragraph style "B" set numbering to list "Two". In list "Two" set paragraph of
> lever 2 to paragraph style "A".
> I know, there is the wish to automatically use a specific paragraph style for a
> specific list level. But that is not possible with a reference inside the list
> style, see above. Instead such binding is done in the "Condition" part of the
> paragraph style.
> The "Condition" part of the paragraph style avoids the dead lock this way: If
> inside of paragraph style "A" you set the paragraph style "B" for the numbering
> level 2, then the paragraph style "B" is not assigned to the paragraph, but only
> its formatting attributes are used to actually style the paragraph. The assigned
> paragraph style remains "A".

Ok, now I understand your concern.
 From my point of view we need both:
- In the Paragraph Style format dialog we need a list level field which more or 
less directly sets ODF attribute style:list-level of the corresponding paragraph.
- In the List Style format dialog we need the possibility to assign multiple 
paragraph styles to a certain list level of the list style. Thus, we more or 
less need a multiple-selection field/control/sub dialog - a UI by which the user 
can assign more than one paragraph style to a certain list level of the list 
style. By such an action the paragraph style's ODF attributes 
style:list-style-name and style:list-level will be set. This would mean that the 
user will get the possibility in the List Style format dialog to directly change 
attributes of one or more paragraph styles. But it would be very convenient for 
a user to have this possibility.

>>> When such a paragraph style is applied to a concrete paragraph, the
>>> specified
>>> level of this list style is applied to the paragraph automatically.
>>> In addition there is the text "It does not directly specify the
>>> paragraph's list
>>> level value, but consumers can change the paragraph's list level value
>>> to the
>>> specified value when the paragraph style is applied." in the ODF
>>> specification.
>>> Therefore the list level of the concrete paragraph is not bound to the
>>> list-level attribute in the paragraph style, but it's value can be set
>>> hard in
>>> the properties of the paragraph and applying a paragraph style gives
>>> only a
>>> start value of the list level value of the concrete paragraph.
>>> Further there is no paragraph style in text boxes.
>>> So it might be useful, to add a field for the list level in the paragraph
>>> property dialog too. Currently the list level can be set only with some
>>> demote/promote actions.
>> Being able to set the list level via the Paragraph format dialog could
>> be also an improvement of our UI.
>> As this UI feature is independent from the "paragraph style list level"
>> feature I am proposing to handle it via its own feature/enhancement issue.
> I disagree. I think, paragraph style attribute "list level" can only be handled
> as paragraph attribute in the paragraph style dialogs.

It seems I misunderstood you here.
I thought that you were proposing to introduce a list level field in the 
Paragraph format dialog in order to set the list level of a paragraph which is 
currently only possible via demote/promote actions.

Best regards, Oliver.

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