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From Christof Donat <>
Subject Re: Documentation for writing addins
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 14:14:49 GMT
Hi J├╝rgen, 

Thanks for your answer.

> I am sure you have found the DevGuide and the samples in the wiki or the
> SDK.


> Nevertheless I would recommend that you subscribe to the
> (in the future
> and ask concrete questions there. It's probably easier to answer
> concrete questions

Thanks, I will.

> I am assuming that you develop an extension with some UI integration
> (menu, toolbar) that we call add-on.

Yes, exactly.

> If yes you should maybe also try
> the NetBeans plugin that provides a wizard for basic add-ons. But the
> generated skeleton can be used to add more stuff later on manually.

Sorry, I don't think, I will have the chance to use Netbeans. Even if I had 
to, I would like to not have to install a pretty huge IDE, that I'd only use 
to create some project skeletons.

> > Where I completelly am lost is on the various XML FIles. Is there any
> > document describing the contents of an XCU file and a description.xml?
> > The latter is not that much of a problem, because I can at least get
> > enough of it from some examples I found. The XCU fules are the bug issue.
> n_of_XML_Elements

That is exactly wht I had not found. Thanks a lot. 


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