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From "Louis Suárez-Potts" <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice Developer Room (devroom) at FOSDEM
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2012 06:38:08 GMT

On 2012-10-11, at 24:24 , Rob Weir <> wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 2:03 PM, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
>> On 09/10/2012 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>>> And indeed this happened today: FOSDEM organizers, who received an
>>> application from Apache OpenOffice and one from LibreOffice, asked
>>> whether we can share a devroom. Of course this was already in our
>>> proposal, so I said it would be OK for us.
>> I was allowed to repost in public the complete text of their request. Here
>> it is. No action needed, I already confirmed we would be available.
>> ---
> OK.  So we've said that we're happy to share a devroom.  This is good.
> Are we still waiting to hear from LO?

I'm in Paris now and will likely be either meeting with or dodging (or both) LO entities.

I can ask. They may now know, however, as I would guess the relevant LO person is Meeks? or
> If we do share, what does that mean?  We develop a joint-program of
> presentations?   This isn't as bad as it sounds.  Since Fosdem is more
> developer-oriented we might not to deal with marketing or similar
> presentations that would be interesting to only one project.  Instead
> we could focus on technical topics, and many of these would be
> interesting to both projects.

Usually, in times past, the situation is a lot more fluid than that and though there are presentations
and these are welcome, it really is about coding and learning, and so if one thing works better
than another, the idea is to go with it.

What I tried to do before, and so too Juergen, is indeed to focus on tech issues. Actually,
it's to be or ought to be our sole focus. Marketing can be relevant but this is about development.

What would be of interest ought to be technical challenges that plague all our camps, e.g.,
from my POV, ODF interop, ODF/OOXML interop, ODF/RDF/XUL (sigh) and so on.

It's a fantastic opportunity and occasion. It can be used to bridge chasms and to suture (if
not heal) wounds--the beer if the best in the world, if you don't count every other country
so claiming that status, and lubricates lasting understanding and friendship.

> Would it be worth asking Calligra, Gnumeric and Abi as well?  Or would
> they be focused on KDE/GNOME devrooms?

It's up to us, to a degree, a big one. When I did this last, I focused on accessibility, as
that was the only real opportunity to bridge camps. That ended up being a mistake, for me,
personally, but the point is that we can suggest devrooms that can be held in common and be
used to address in-common issues.

And this is about coding and sharing and community. It's not about or ought not to be about
anything else.

> -Rob
>> Dear Andrea, Italo,
>> Each of you have submitted a devroom request, for Apache OpenOffice and
>> LibreOffice respectively, to FOSDEM 2013.
>> As you probably know, the number of rooms we have available at FOSDEM is
>> small in comparison to the number of (good) requests we get.
>> Each year, we get more requests than we have rooms available. We aim to
>> host a large number of diverse projects, and to foster
>> cross-collaboration. Hence, we are very reluctant to give a room to each
>> of you separately, while we also do not want to choose only one either.
>> So, we want to ask you whether you would consider hosting a shared devroom?
>> Please discuss and let us know. If possible before Saturday, as we need
>> to know for the final assignment.
>> Kind regards,
>> The devroom organizers
>> PS. On the practical side, we can host a 'neutral' devroom mailinglist
>> for talk submission and discussion on our server.

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