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From Graham Lauder>
Subject Re: OpenOffice SVG vector graphics
Date Sat, 06 Oct 2012 12:15:32 GMT
> Alexandro Colorado wrote:
> > I upload the OpenOffice SVG logo on pure SVG, still needs some cleanup
> > on the nodes, but this is a 100% SVG logo.
> > The attachment is on the cWiki:
> >
> > penOfficeTM.svg &
> >
> > Id=27834483&sortBy=date&
> The orb is really nice here, a flawless vectorization of what we have.
> The text appears a bit distorted, or maybe it's just my on-screen
> rendering: for example, the "O" seems a bit wider and the "e" seems to
> be cut on the right, at least comparing the last image at
> with your version.

You're right, that vector needs a little titivating 

> Font was discussed in this thread
> and it looks like the discussion settled on Verdana despite some
> comments about it being non-free; anyway it is a very common font, so it
> might be possible to get it perfectly rendered to SVG too.

That's not difficult, all fonts are vectors in any case and fontforge will 
export svg.

I would definitely raise a -1 to using any proprietary fonts, especially one 
that is owned by our No1 competitor.  There are plenty of good Free fonts 
about:  Bitstream Vera, DejaVu and Liberation are probably the most mature 
familys and Luxi and Nimbus are good fonts as well and available on most 

However there is actually no need to use a given font in any case, the text 
can easily be created in Inkscape so that it is made up of letters that are 
unique to the OpenOffice Logo.  It is completely unnecessary to use a 
prepackaged font.

This is a very rough freehand demonstration of the concept knocked up in five 
minutes using Inkscape

This is not a particular font family and so there are no licensing issues.  


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