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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Graduation timeline: A reminder for project members, press and list observers
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2012 18:48:42 GMT

----- Original Message -----
> From: Rob Weir <>
>>  As a minor update, the only observation we received so far (besides a
>>  substantial number of +1 votes, no abstentions or -1) was that almost all
>>  the proposed PMC members do not belong to other Apache projects; our 
> mentors
>>  were asked if they perceived this as a problem, and we didn't get an 
> answer
>>  from them so far.
> Hmmm.... I think there are several PMC members who are involved with
> other areas of Apache:
> 1) Don is involved with ConCom, as well as working with Sally on Press
> and Communications.
> 2) Others, like Oliver, Louis, etc., have been active in the ApacheCon planning.
> 3) Andrew,  Juergen and Raphael have worked closely with Infra on many
> things.  There may be others.
> 4) In general I think we're comfortable working with Trademarks and
> Legal Affairs on an ongoing basis.  This includes raising questions
> and getting advice, but some, like Dennis, are active sharing what
> they have learned as well.
> 5) Dave is involved with POI.  Don and Juergen are also on the PMC of
> the ODF Toolkit.  I think Pedro said he was getting involved with a
> new BeanShell project proposal.
> 6) There was the work moving the SPI funds to Apache that involved
> coordinating with ASF Treasurer.
> So  I do not know whether it is accurate to say that no one but Dave
> is "active in more than just the OO project".

The above is all mostly unrelated. I do think we should have included
some of our mentors in the PMC.

This was a failure in the method we chose to determine the initial PMC:
we chose based on project visibility/popularity and by their function our
mentors have tried to remain with a low profile and intervene only when
it was absolutely necessary.

This is something relatively easy to fix though, let's hope it doesn't delay
us too much.


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