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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: [ApacheCon] BoF session on AOO community
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2012 00:17:20 GMT
On Oct 29, 2012, at 6:40 PM, "Jörg Schmidt" <> wrote:

>> Customers don't come to IBM looking only for OpenOffice.
> I mean companies, not simple users.

I mean companies as well.

> And these companies ask me if they should use AOO or LO and they look around in the market.
> These companies need my help, but they also need the confidence in the future of AOO
and for many companies this is not a question of what the community is saying, but to say
what its large community of partners (eg IBM).
> Views on the document of February 2012:
> and I tell you, that is the question many companies: When will "The Apache OpenOffice
IBM Edition" on the market?

I'm sorry if you think that IBM product plans will be reviewed and
discussed on this list in advance. But that is not how it will work.
I think we've made it clear that the distinguishing features in the
"IBM Edition" will be a set of extensions that connect AOO to various
IBM middleware products. But the feature details and timing are not
this project's concern. Similarly we have no right to demand that Yuri
detail his OS/2 business plans or that Adfinis Sygroup discuss the
details of their Solaris business plan.

>> They are
>> looking for a bundle of software and services and OpenOffice might
>> enter the discussions as a small part of the overall deal.  We
>> commonly work with business partners, subcontractors, etc., where
>> specialized skills are needed.  This includes partners large and
>> small.
> But what IBM is doing in practice?
> It is your colleague who wrote the following:
> and when I speak of, as a consultant for AOO, IBM I get no useful answer. That is the
fact. Sorry, that's just the truth.
> I you can not post details here, but I mean what I say.

When we have something to announce you can expect to read it in
official places. It won't be something we'll be hiding in strange
corners of the web.

Until then you'll need to deal with FUD when developing your business
just like we do.  Remember the move to Apache and our recent
graduation are both pro-stability events. These make it safer to
invest in AOO.

>> I doubt the opportunities will flow from small companies to IBM.
> I do not, because it is grown in Germany OOo in business sector.
> The truth in this case is the OOo was as last in higher esteem than StarOffice and that
was the merit of small German companies, not from Sun or Oracle.
> Or is that 'too much' truth?

How Sun lost money on OOo is not really relevant to what we do today.

>>> It would be good if IBM would consider the experiences of
>> the past which consist of OOo, SUN and Oracle.
>> And you might consider IBM's experience with Linux, where we invested
>> over $1 billion into Linux development, but we don't sell Linux.  But
>> we're glad to work with partners on deals involving Linux.
> Yes, you're right.
> And many potential partners would be for the future of similar transactions with IBM
wish regarding AOO.
> Statements in:
> are correct, they need to be filled with life
> Again, sorry for my statements ... I know these are not issues for the list here, but
there are important issues for small companies and consultants like me. And it should be important
issues for IBM.

Honestly I still have no idea what your concern is.  Sorry.


> Greetings
> Jörg

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