Hi, all

         I try to fix the defect 119631:
         https://issues.apache.org/ooo/show_bug.cgi?id=119631, which shows ellipse when import teardrop from .pptx file.
         Reason:  In file customshapegeometry.cxx line 1254: we can see that AOO will use "XML_ellipse" to instead when meet "XML_teardrop". Because we don't support "teardrop" now.

         Action:   To resolve this issue, I add the necessary information for "teardrop" which includes "path, adjust value, handle... " in file EnhancedCustomShapeGeometry.cxx and the corresponding definition and declaration. You can get details in the attached patch.

         Result:    It shows the "teardrop" validly when import from .pptx.  But when save the shape to .ppt, it is lost.

         Question:  function EscherPropertyContainer::CreateCustomShapeProperties will be called in file CreateCustomShapeProperties.cxx when save custom shape to ppt.  In this function, if one custom shape is default object (IsDefaultObject(line 2354) be used), we won't add the shape's properties. It cause the "teardrop" lost when export to .ppt. But for other custom shapes(ex. moon, heart), they also can export normally to .ppt even if they were default objects. So my question is that whether I lost some config settings for "teardrop"?
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