Hello Andrew;

Are you aware what you are asking? ;). An alternative would be that we can
send you a modified "port Makefile" that fetches the files from SVN and
applies the patches, etc, but I guess you will prefer to use a unified buildscript
for linux/BSD instead.

For our local package we use all the prepackaged dependencies we can.
The build process is very similar to linux but we usually don't carry the GNU
stuff (bash, patch) in the base system.

You can look at the requirements here:

For a standalone build, you have to install at least the following packages:

 devel/gperf (only on FreeBSD <=9.0)

You can use "pkg_add -r" for those, plus you will need X11/cups.

It is key to define bash as /usr/local/bin/bash. GNU patch is gpatch and
also the system gperf on most FreeBSD older releases was not up to
date so you may have to use the packaged version. 
You will also likely need to apply patch-* from here:


Long, long ago I was using the attached script but it is only
useful as reference. For our build flags you may want to
check CONFIGURE_ARGS from the current ports build file:

Hope that helps to get started, and of course feel free to ask.


From: Andrew Rist <andrew.rist@oracle.com>
To: ooo-dev@incubator.apache.org
Sent: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 1:30 PM
Subject: [BUILD] FBSD buildbot

We have the opportunity to spin up a BSD buildbot.  Pedro (or others) could you share the build script you use to create your builds?
Also, are there any special requirements/dependencies that I should know of?