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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: What is a good Project Management Committee?
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2012 14:58:40 GMT
On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 10:39 AM, Ian Lynch <> wrote:
> The Apache Way came up on the PMC list thread. Is the Apache Way
> exclusively about certain types of merit and not about any other
> factor or attribute? It seems from what mentors have written that
> community is a big part of the Apache Way and merit in building the
> community is important as well as the characteristics needed to
> sustain a strong community. The acknowledged problem with merit is
> that it is difficult to be sure how to measure it, it seems to be more
> a consensus thing. If two community members have similar merit and
> there is only one place on the PMC, what determines which one is

That is a problem with a representational system.  Who do you pick in that case?

My point is that this is not a real problem once we put aside the
(IMHO) incorrect view that a PMC is allocated on a representational
basis.  If you have two community members with similar merit, then
both should be on the PMC.  No question about it.  IMHO we should
reject the notion that there are finite seats on the PMC and we need
to allocate them on a representational basis.  We can never have
enough help, enough merit, enough volunteers.  Or at least we're no
where near the scale where we need to think about PMC size limits.  My
guess is we'd be encouraged to split into separate Apache projects
before we would be encouraged to limit PMC membership based on size

Finally, note that what Andrew is doing in this thread is *not*
limiting the size of the PMC.  It was seeding an initial list of PMC
members, so that that initial membership can then evolve the PMC
membership further.  At least that is how I understood it.  Start with
those of undoubted merit.  Then that group can deliberate and bring in
anyone who was missed.  And no doubt we did miss some, since the quiet
contributor tends to be overlooked.  But I'd fully expect that this
initial PMC list, via Andrew's method, would deal with that before a
roster is proposed for graduation.


> chosen? We can't determine merit to a high degree of measured
> precision. It is a strawman argument to say someone will be included
> on the PMC without merit, that has never been a consideration. If we
> assume all members of the PMC have appropriate merit, other
> considerations will come into play and it seems to me that that has no
> conflict with the Apache Way.
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> Ian
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