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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: New committer: Chen ZuoJun
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2012 00:41:17 GMT
On Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 1:13 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton <> wrote:
> The Apache OpenOffice PPMC announces the addition of committer
> Chen ZuoJun, zjchen@
> The list of all current podling committers is at:
> <>.

And one other place:

That page is part of the IPMC's tracking of podling status and feeds
into their "Status of the Clutch" report:

Some may recall that we had a reporter use the "status of the clutch"
report to claim that the project was not growing.  That was when we
were not updating the report.  Since that is the official IPMC view of
the podlings, it is important that we keep this information
up-to-date, until the project graduates.

I was updating this status page whenever a new committer was voted in.
 It would be great if someone else could take this over now.

When a new committer is added, the status file needs to be updated in
two places.

1) Added as a News item.  Automation depends on the wording, so don't
be clever.  Just follow the examples there.

2) Added in the list of committers.

This can most easily be edited via the Apache CMS.

Also, I was maintaining this page here as part of the stats project:

It probably makes sense for whoever updates the status page to update
the data for the chart at the same time.  This can be done by updating
the data file here:
Again, the CMS is the fastest route.  Edit, then publish.



> Committers have a defined role in the workings of the Apache Software
> Foundation: <>.
> For new committers:
> First, please read through the "Guide for New Committers":
>   There is some
> useful information there related to email, security, etc.
> Secondly, you can control your profile and settings by using your
> Apache User ID and password, supplied for your Apache account,
> to log on to <>.  There you can change your
> password to one of your choosing.  In addition, please add the
> other e-mail addresses that you want to be known by.  If you want
> to change the forwarding of e-mail in the future, use
> the profile to accomplish that.
> Next, please add an entry for yourself on this project page:
> Now that you are a committer, this is a good opportunity for you to
> make your first commit, editing that page.  The simplest way is to use
> the Apache CMS to edit this page via the web:
> Finally, you are now authorized to make commits to the Apache
> OpenOffice SVN repository and other repositories established
> for committers.  Use the https: version of the SVN URL.  Your
> Apache ID and password will be required on your first commit.
> Use options to retain your credentials for future commits if
> appropriate.
>  - the Apache OpenOffice PPMC

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