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From Rob Weir <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Reinvigorate extension authors community
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 17:34:46 GMT
As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I'm shifting my focus more to
the extended OpenOffice ecosystem rather than day-to-day release-cycle
tasks.   One of the things I'd like to push for is reinvigorating the
application development community.

In the legacy project we supported extensions authors via a dedicated
mailing list, a wiki, its own IRC channel, and of course the
extensions repository website.  Today we have very little of that

I'd like to breath some new life into this part of the ecosystem.  Now
that we have a steady heartbeat of releases, both delivered and
planned, and a solid record of end-user downloads, it is easier to
argue the value of developing extensions for OpenOffice.  I'd like to
help promote this side of the ecosystem via the following tasks:

1) Create a new mailing list: (or if we prefer).  I'll assert that the
current mailing lists are inadequate for encouraging this community to
thrive.  If they interact on ooo-dev then they are bombarded with 99%
irrelevant posts, and if they gather on ooo-users then this will be
disruptive to the end-user subscribers there.  Extension authors
really are a distinct sub-community of their own.

2) Promote the mailing list via the usual means:  website, social
networking, maybe a blog post.

3) Try to contact the existing extension authors, to encourage them to
joint the list.  I'd try to do this via SourceForge initially, since
they might already have the means to send them all an email.

4) Promote AOO extension development in general, by interviews of
extension authors, blog posts, perhaps even a rotating spot on our
website featuring an "extension of the week" (or day).

5) Encourage this community to provide feedback to the project and
help maintain the current app dev and SDK documentation, website and

If there are no objections to the above I'll go ahead with step 1 in
72 hours.  I'll need a couple more list moderator volunteers as well.

And of course, if anyone wants to help with other parts of the above,
or complimentary tasks, please let me know.



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