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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Apache OpenOffice Awarded Two InfoWorld Bossie (Best of Open Source Software) Awards
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2012 15:23:23 GMT
On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 3:35 AM, Shenfeng Liu <> wrote:
> What a great news!
> Congratulations!

I'm especially proud of the recognition the community received for the
OpenOffice Templates website.   This almost did not happen.  It
required a lot of effort, especially by SourceForge and Apache Infra,
to make this a reality.

Remember back when OpenOffice first came to Apache.  We had the OOo
code, and a bunch of legacy services hosted on Oracle (and other 3rd
party) servers:  website, wiki, forums, templates, extensions,
bugzilla, etc.   We could have just abandoned the services and focused
100% on the code.  We could have just kissed the legacy web services
good bye and let them die.  That would have been an easier choice.
This option was mentioned at the time.  It would have been less
effort.  It would have allowed us to make more progress on the code,
and faster.  Certainly that was the choice that could have been made,
and which was made by another related project.  IMHO, it is akin to an
army leaving its wounded behind in order to make a faster advance.

Personally, I'm glad we did not abandon these services.  Instead we
invested in them.  Yes, it took time.  Yes, it took energy.  Yes, it
diverted resources that could have been used to work on product
features.  If you recall there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth
in some circles, saying that we had delayed our OpenOffice release so
long that it would no longer be relevant, that we would never catch
up, that we would inevitably fail.

Well, guess what happened?  We released 3.4.0 and had phenomenal
download numbers.  And then we released 3.4.1 and the download numbers
are even better.    And now we receive awards both for the product,
but also for one of the legacy web services.  Hopefully this puts the
doubts to rest.  The answer to an "either/or" question is sometimes


> - Simon
> 2012/9/19 Rob Weir <>
>> InfoWorld is out with their 2012 "Bossie" awards (Best of Open Source).
>> As far as I can see we are the only open source project that won two
>> awards!
>> In the "desktop applications" category we received an award for the
>> OpenOffice application:
>> And in the same category we received another award for our Template
>> Repository:
>> The full article is here:
>> So congratulations to all for the hard work that led to these honors.
>> This was a broad effort, extending out from the core project to
>> partners like SourceForge and all those power users whose creative
>> contributions bring value to the template repository.  These are truly
>> awards for the whole community!
>> Regards,
>> -Rob

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