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From Ian Lynch <>
Subject Re: What is a good Project Management Committee member?
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 08:51:22 GMT
On 6 September 2012 05:55, Juergen Schmidt <> wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 6. September 2012 um 05:30 schrieb Rob Weir:
>> On Sep 5, 2012, at 9:20 AM, "J├╝rgen Schmidt" <> wrote:

> I agree again and the question is how to find the strong PMC team. My thought with my
email was that the current PPMC members help actively by reflecting their own role.

The classic work on team roles is Belbin - Worth a look. I'm not suggesting
all potential pmc members do the self-assessment, but understanding
the nature of complementary roles in a team might be useful. There is
plenty of free stuff on the web about this.

The analysis provides an insight into preferred team roles. For me I
have come out as Coordinator, Resource Inv, Plant in different
contexts but low on completer finisher every time :-). All role
preferences have good and potentially weak aspects and its only
relative to you so someone scoring them selves weakly in one role in
one circumstance might actually be stronger in that role than someone
else scoring themselves higher. You have to prioritise a fixed score
across the roles so it is your preferred role that scores highest not
necessarily something you are good at!

>> > - What is my intention with this project?

For me it is to provide help in any way I can within the constraints
of my obligations to the people I employ.

>> > - Why I am here and what do I want to achieve?

To be broadly useful, so that I make a small contribution to
displacing proprietary document standards with open royalty free
standards. I see AOO as strategically important in that aim.

>> > - What is my main interest and how do I want to contribute?

My main area of interest is education and training. I hope to be able
to increase the spread of AOO through those channels but I can provide
advice and support for others in those fields. I also have some
expertise in writing EU and other grant applications so with that and
other business strategies I have a possibility of bringing further
development resources to the project.

>> > - Is being a PMC member a status symbol for me?

Probably my status in other groups is higher in the main social
circles in which I operate. Most of my colleagues would not know what
a pmc was and few would know what Apache was apart from its native
american meaning. That is part of my dilemma. I have limited time to
work on the project except in areas that are complementary to other
work but there is scope for that.

>> > - Is being a PMC member a privilege or a burden?

To be honest, both :-) For me juggling time always provides pressure
so in that sense there are many competing burdens but of course all
have the privilege and satisfaction side too.

>> > - Do I want or I am ready to take the responsibility and role of a PMC
>> > member?

I think so but others could think differently a) Others might or might
not think what I have to offer is of value and b) I need flexibility
to fit it into other work. Since other people's employment depends
directly on me that has to have the priority.

>> > - Do I want to be a committer or is being a committer enough for me and
>> > enough to achieve my goals and interests here?

Probably for the roles I am best suited to the technical aspect of
being a committer are not essential. While I have programming
experience it is a long time ago and it would take considerable time
for me to learn enough of the specific technicalities to make
meaningful code commitments. It's not impossible though and it is
possible that I could contribute on the web site, graphics or that
type of thing.

>> > - Being a PMC member is important to me, why? How I do I want to
>> > contribute as PMC member?

I have a lot of experience in management and a higher degree in it so
I guess I have relevant qualifications and experience and hope to be
able to put those to good use. Membership provides a focus to
encourage active involvement and enables me to then take opportunities
to help support the project where these arise. eg I'm working on
organising the openclipart library into logical categories as part of
an EU funded project. This could also be useful to AOO. It's not
always easy to predict exactly what opportunities arise until they do.


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