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From Ian Lynch <>
Subject Re: Clipart library
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2012 16:31:54 GMT
On 10 September 2012 15:12, Shenfeng Liu <> wrote:
> 2012/9/10 Joost Andrae <>
>> Hi,
>> just to shorten this thread: There is already a possibility to add clipart
>> to AOO by using the extension mechanism. Just have a look at the extensions
>> page and search for clipart:
>>  I think we probably don't want bundle it with AOO directly. I can think
>>>> of an extended gallery implementation where it is possible to hook
>>>> online galleries as well.
>> Bundling clipart unnecessarily enlarges the download. Additionally clipart
>> bundles need to be proof checked against content that might be politically
>> incorrect based on local laws. Just remember that symbols of the german WW2
>> regime are not allowed to be used in Germany. Clipart collections
>> containing flags _must_ include the officially used flags containing no
>> design changes. In Germany eg. it is fined by monetary penalty or by prison
>> sentence of max. 3 years (StGB ยง90a) if someone denounces the colours, the
>> flag, the emblem or the anthem of Germany. I believe similar laws do exist
>> in other countries as well.
>>> +1 (for Clipart as well as Template). AOO should provide a kind of
>>> capability (with extensions) to easily search or browse the online
>>> resources. It is another perspective of Cloud/Social Integration value.
>> Why do you think it is a good idea to integrate cloud services or social
>> media into AOO ? I'm not convinced at all. People should decide themselves
>> which services they want to have added to AOO. And there are already
>> several cloud based service providers that provide extensions for AOO (like
>> Using extensions for such service integrations is an
>> appropriate way.
> Sorry that my post was too short. Let me explain the ideal scenario in my
> mind:
> 1. When I installed a clean AOO, I hope to have 10~20 most frequent used
> build-in cliparts in local repository from AOO installation package.

There is already artwork in the gallery so adding a few more is not
likely to have any significant impact on download bandwidth,
especially if the right images are chosen. Ordinary end-users expect
to see it and will be given more confidence by seeing stuff in the
gallery rather than a lot of void.

> 2. But from time to time, I may want to look for more cliparts. So I hope
> to have a button like "Search more cliparts on XXX". (XXX maybe any website
> that provide clipart library, e.g. Open Clipart, Google, Baidu...)

Yes, make it easy for the most inexperienced user. Remember most
people have never even heard of OpenClipArt and most would not know
what to do with an extension.

> 3. I clicked on the button and searched the clipart I want. (Remember
> different site may categorize their cliparts in different way.)

Another good point. Finding this with searches is one thing
transferring them to the gallery is another.

> 4. I insert the clipart I searched out to my document.
> 5. I like the searched out clipart very much and believe I will use it
> frequently. So I stored this clipart to my local repository.
> 6. <Advanced> I get notified for new/hot cliparts.
> With the scenario above:
> 1. should be provided by AOO.
> 2, 3 & 6 should be provided by an extension specific to a clipart site that
> I installed later. If I want the capability to search in multiple sites, I
> may need to install multiple extensions. (Or any better suggestion?)
> 4 & 5, should be from the extension, but AOO should provide interface for
> good user experience (e.g. the capability to add a clipart to local
> repository with a drag&drop).

+1. The main issue is that end users expect clipart with their office
software and they don't expect to have to start configuring stuff to
get it.

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