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From Ian Lynch <>
Subject Re: What is a good Project Management Committee member?
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2012 09:32:14 GMT
On 5 September 2012 09:40, Regina Henschel <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> some time ago we expressed, that we think the project is ready to graduate.
> In the process of graduating, a proposal for a Project Management Committee
> (PMC) will be brought to the Apache Board. Although discussion about
> individual persons will not be done public, it is important to get a shared
> conviction about the criteria for our PMC members.
> You find information about project management and the role of the PMC in
> With permission of J├╝rgen Schmidt I will show his items:
> "For me a good PMC member is somebody
> - who is active and visible in the project. It's important that others
> can see or better are able to recognize valuable contributions.
> - who driving the project forward by helping others to join the project,
> or helping other in general to find their way in the project
> - who help to grow the eco-system and the popularity of the project, eg.
> increasing the user base by promoting the project actively on
> conferences, via new medias, etc.
> - who take responsibility for tasks that have to be done and that help
> to drive the project forward or that help to simply run it.
> - who is able to transport and communicate the vision of the project
> - who is able to prevent misbehaviour and misconduct on our main
> communication tool the mailing lists but also on our extended
> communication tools like social media
> - who is able to bring in new ideas in the project that opens even more
> opportunities to grow and to evolve
> - ..."
> And here my thoughts:
> A PMC member...
> a person all can trust in.
> ...preserves overview about several areas.
> ...knows, who is expert in a special area, and encourage people from
> different areas to work together on a topic.
> willing to guide a newcomer.
> ...can identify opposite directions in the community before things
> escalate.
> ...knows about formal requirements and about the Apache structure.
> ...has a vision about the direction of the project, but on the other
> hand accepts reasoned different development without being offended (?
> German "eingeschnappt")
> ...sets a good example in treating others and working for the project.
> reliable.
> willing to assume responsibility.
> ...puts his heart and passion into the project.
> Do you miss aspects? Do you think a special item is irrelevant? What is
> essential?

Is aware of the limitations of mailing lists in communication and
actively strives to communicate to engender positive feelings in the

Has thought carefully about the role of a PMC member and actively
communicated an intention to be active in that role rather than just a
name on a list or solely involved in committing code.

> Kind regards
> Regina

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