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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS][PMC] Proposed PMC List
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2012 17:38:05 GMT

On 12-09-19, at 12:09 , Rob Weir <> wrote:

> How would you deal with "opacity here as to how these names were
> suggested"?  These are individual's stated preferences.  Nothing more,
> nothing less.  Unless we require that everyone give a complete,
> detailed justification for every name they pick, what can we do?  A
> wiki certainly doesn't change that.

It depends on how the wiki is set up. For instance, the header of the wiki could state, as
the subject line here does, "Preference/Proposed…." and then go on in one sentence to explain,
"the names proposed derive from the overall committer list (or whatever) and are those valued
by the individual proposer. The final PMC list itself will likely change as the project evolves
and will be composed of those names suggested here." It could then clarify who is able to
propose names and stipulate a deadline.

Further, it could clarify that in future, a different process operate, and that this process
now is essentially ad hoc to resolve a late-summer slowdown stalemate. 

This page could further clarify what other pages do: the point of the PMC. 

In this way, a wiki can provide more than a mail list post.

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